Duncan wearing 7eye Panhead sunglassesOur latest wraparound AirShield sunglasses from 7eye combine the latest product innovations in terms of comfort, safety, and excellent build quality.

The styling is seriously cool! Illustrated here is the 7eye PanHead in Gloss Black, which is one of the most comfortable frames in the range, offering good levels of protection from wind, dust, and pollen, while maintaining excellent peripheral visibility. Wear them with the AirShield gasket when you need protection from the elements, or simply unclip the gasket when you want to wear them as normal sunglasses.


Quality frame made from TR-90 nylon and optical quality polycarbonate lenses that offer excellent protection from the sun (100% UV protection).

Full information on our website: http://dryeyeglasses.co.uk/html/7eye_panhead_airshield_glasses.html

With high pollen levels being experienced this summer, we reveal which of our hay fever sunglasses and pollen goggles are the most popular with customers. Based on feedback from hay fever sufferers on which eyewear is most effective, comfortable, and versatile, we have categorised the most popular frames as follows:

Most popular hay fever sunglasses for women

7eye Briza Our best selling hay fever glasses in 2013 were the 7eye Briza  (small to medium) and the  7eye Cape (medium). We have had many favourable comments about how these sunglasses can be worn with confidence in work, leisure, and sport situations. They are available with a range of tinted, clear, or light-reactive lenses and can alternatively be fitted with prescription lenses if required.

Most popular hay fever sunglasses for men

The most popular overall hay fever sunglasses for men, based on effectiveness for blocking pollen, dust, and wind, have been the 7eye Cape, which has the benefit of adjustable length temple bars that enable you to  alter the closeness of fit to suit your face and the conditions. 7eye Churada 7eye CAPE temple bar length adjuster 7eye-Cape-glossy-black-sunglasses-goggles

Lightweight flexible goggles

Body-Specs-adjustable-light-weight-gogglesAnother product that is popular among hay fever sufferers is the Body Specs flexible lightweight goggle. It has a flexible frame with separate padded eye chambers, and comes with interchangeable tinted and clear lenses. It is very portable and can be folded and carried in a pocket. This makes it a convenient form of protection to carry around with you in case hay fever catches you out!

For more information on how our sunglasses and goggles can help you cope better with hay fever, visit our web page:

Dry eye glasses that you can wear every day

If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, hay fever, or if your eyes are very sensitive to the wind, you may benefit from wearing dry eye glasses. These are like normal sunglasses or spectacles with the addition of a padded gasket that helps seal the eye sockets, creating separate moisture chambers that conserve your corneal […]

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Choosing glasses and goggles for protecting dry or watery eyes

People come to us for a wide range of reasons looking for glasses and goggles that will offer their eyes protection against the wind and dust, or to help relieve the symptoms of hay fever, watery eyes, or dry eyes. We are the only company in the UK to offer a comprehensive range of moisture […]

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New range of wraparound sports glasses offers great value

Eyewear Accessories has launched its Spring range of wraparound sports glasses, which offers a great combination of design quality and style at affordable prices, between £30 and £40. The specification of the lenses and frames in the range is much higher than budget sport sunglasses you would find on the high street. All the glasses […]

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These wraparound sport sunglasses are ideal for tennis or golf

Eyewear Accessories has just introduced a new stylish model of wraparound sunglasses with metal-rims and brown tinted quality polycarbonate lenses that are ideal for sports such as tennis or golf, but equally useful for driving or leisure use. The Hi-4 sunglasses, made by established US eyewear manufacturer Body Specs, are competitively priced at under £30.00 […]

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These new 7eye windproof sports glasses promise to be excellent for golf

7eye, the world leaders in designing windproof sports glasses, have introduced two new frames offering best ever peripheral vision from the wide, wraparound lenses. This feature, in combination with the clever wraparound frame design which feels light and secure on your head, should make them among the best choices for this type of “all seasons” […]

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New blog providing reviews and advice on glasses for dry eyes and wind protection

For further in depth advice on glasses or to help relieve a dry eye problem or to protect your eyes from wind, dust, or pollen, visit our new Dry Eye Glasses blog. In the blog, we answer some of the queries that customers ask us most frequently when they are trying out moisture chamber frames, […]

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Wearing these versatile windproof glasses transformed my weekend break on the Cornish coast

I have just returned from a successful autumnal break near Polperro on the South Cornish coast. Wonderful part of the world, but the winds do surely blow! Fortunately, I was well prepared – yet again my 7eye glasses proved how versatile they were in different situations. My 7eye glasses insulated my eyes from the strong […]

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Wind protective sunglasses restore the pleasure in gardening

Like many Devon residents we live in a hilly district and while our garden offers glorious views, it is exposed to the full force of the prevailing winds. Since my dry eye condition worsened, being out in the garden in anything other than calm weather has been uncomfortable. I was particularly conscious today of the […]

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7eye windproof sunglasses proving a bit hit with golfers

This year’s strong winds have proved testing for all golfers in the UK and they have provided appropriate conditions in which to test the effectiveness of our 7eye windproof sunglasses. 7eye has demonstrated why it leads the field in the design of windproof golf glasses The verdict this year from our customers is that the […]

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“I’m gonna keep that wind right out of my…eyes…”

OK, not quite the same lyrics as the famous song from “South Pacific” but definitely relevant advice this week for anyone who is finding the strong, biting winds this week are making their eyes uncomfortable whenever they go out! Our new BRIZA ladies’ windproof sunglasses have soft foam padding that insulates your eyes from cold, […]

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