With this year’s first real cold snap upon us, more and more of us are suffering from dry eyes as the atmosphere in our homes and offices dries out with the effect of central heating.

By the end of a typical working day in an office, your eyes will have been subjected to 8 hours of dry atmosphere from central heating, exacerbated by air conditioning and prolonged computer use (which reduces our blink rate).

With your journey back from work, things don’t get much better for the eyes – you might be sitting in an overheated train carriage, or travelling in your car with the drying effects of blown air heating and the air conditioning on to demist the windscreen.

Get home, and your eyes have several more hours, when already tired and sore, being dried out by your central heating, with the chances that you will be spending several hours staring fixedly at a TV or computer screen (low blink rate again!).

Fortunately, help is at hand for dry eye sufferers in the form of moisture chamber glasses available through Eyewear Accessories.

By insulating your eyes from the drying effects of atmospheric conditions, they reduce evaporation of tears, providing a natural way to keep your eyes lubricated without frequent use of eye drops.

For more information:

Close-up-of-Cape-AirShield-showing-filtered-ventsIf you suffer from dry eye syndrome, hay fever, or if your eyes are very sensitive to the wind, you may benefit from wearing dry eye glasses. These are like normal sunglasses or spectacles with the addition of a padded gasket that helps seal the eye sockets, creating separate moisture chambers that conserve your corneal moisture, reducing symptoms such as itchy eyes.

Wearing dry eye (or moisture chamber) glasses is a completely natural form of relief that avoids regular use of eye drops. However, in the past, moisture chamber glasses have looked unattractive and cumbersome, making the wearer feel out of place in an everyday environment.

Eyewear Accessories, the UK based specialists in dry eye glasses, have spent several years researching the best types of dry eye glasses, looking not only at their performance, but also identifying frames that are styled suitably for wearing in every day situations.

We have selected two complementary brands which have their own strengths for different applications and that appeal to men and women.

7eye moisture chamber glasses by Panoptx

Duncan wearing 7eye Panhead sunglasses7eye Airshield are regarded as the best glasses for dry eye that you can buy. This brand has led the market for several years. Not only do they have a really comfortable well padded gasket that insulates your eyes from drying atmospheres but also they are styled with the “designer” look.

Whether you choose the Briza (the most popular women’s frame) or the Cape (best selling frame overall) or the recently introduced PanHead, you can wear these glasses at home, in the office, or for sport, without looking out of place.

7eye Bora with Clear lensesEyewear Accessories has 7eye glasses with a choice of Tortoiseshell or Glossy Black frames, and you can have copper or grey tinted lenses, or clear lenses. All the lenses are made from tough polycarbonate and provide 100% UV protection, so they are suitable for sport. The frames can also be fitted cost-effectively with prescription lenses if required.


For more information on dry eye glasses

For more information, visit the UK’s only website dedicated to glasses for dry eyes and hay fever: www.eyewear-accessories.co.uk

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