John_wearing_Buran_gloss_black_glassesIf you suffer from dry eye syndrome, hay fever, or if your eyes are very sensitive to the wind, you may benefit from wearing dry eye glasses. These are like normal sunglasses or spectacles with the addition of a padded gasket that helps seal the eye sockets, creating separate moisture chambers that conserve your corneal moisture, reducing symptoms such as itchy eyes.

Wearing dry eye (or moisture chamber) glasses is a completely natural form of relief that avoids regular use of eye drops. However, in the past, moisture chamber glasses have looked unattractive and cumbersome, making the wearer feel out of place in an everyday environment.

Eyewear Accessories, the UK based specialists in dry eye glasses, have spent several years researching the best types of dry eye glasses, looking not only at their performance, but also identifying frames that are styled suitably for wearing in every day situations.

We have selected two complementary brands which have their own strengths for different applications and that appeal to men and women.

7eye Churada7eye moisture chamber glasses by Panoptx

7eye Airshield are regarded as the best glasses for dry eye that you can buy. This brand has led the market for several years. Not only do they have a really comfortable well padded gasket that insulates your eyes from drying atmospheres but also they are styled with the “designer” look.

Whether you choose the Briza (the most popular women’s frame) or the Churada (7eye’s best selling frame overall) or the recently introduced Buran or Whirlwind, you can wear these glasses at home, in the office, or for sport, without looking out of place.

7eye BrizaEyewear Accessories has 7eye glasses with a choice of Tortoiseshell or Glossy Black frames, and you can have copper or grey tinted lenses, or clear lenses. All the lenses are made from tough polycarbonate and provide 100% UV protection, so they are suitable for sport. The frames can also be fitted cost-effectively with prescription lenses if required.

Body Specs moisture chamber glasses

The Body Specs range is a popular choice for sports and leisure use. A useful feature is that all the frames are supplied with interchangeable dark tinted and clear lenses, so they can be worn in different light conditions, indoors as well as outdoors.

Body Specs deep profile windproof sunglasses

The most popular models for men are the  Z-002 (sunglasses) and the Deep Profile (convertible sunglasses / goggles), while women tend to prefer the smaller sized frame of the glossy black sunglasses.




For more information on dry eye glasses

For more information, visit the UK’s only website dedicated to glasses for dry eyes and hay fever:

Weather map showing strong windsPeople come to us for a wide range of reasons looking for glasses and goggles that will offer their eyes protection against the wind and dust, or to help relieve the symptoms of hay fever, watery eyes, or dry eyes.

We are the only company in the UK to offer a comprehensive range of moisture chamber glasses for Dry Eye conditions and have a wealth of knowledge about how they can help people suffering from Dry Eye, whether it is age-related, caused by underlying medical conditions such as Sjögren’s syndrome, contact lens wear, LASIK surgery, or excessive use of computers.

We are happy to help support each customer individually to enable them to find the most effective moisture chamber glasses for their needs. As a dry eye sufferer himself, John Waddington at Eyewear Accessories has personal experience of how beneficial wearing moisture chamber glasses can be for managing his dry eye condition.


Our unique range of glasses and sunglasses are designed to be used in many different ways, from keeping out the wind in exposed locations, such as on the golf course or when cycling, riding, sailing or skiing, to use in the office and home to reduce the drying effect of air conditioning, regular computer use, or central heating.

How moisture chamber glasses work

Moisture chamber glasses are designed to protect your eyes from irritation due to exposure to wind, dust, airborne allergens, or drying atmospheres.

Close up of padded wind and dust blocking gasket

Part of the concept lies in the wraparound frame design that shields your ocular area from the full effect of the wind.

The key design feature that separates this eyewear from normal wraparound sunglasses is a soft gasket that clips to the back of the frame. When the glasses are worn, the gasket compresses gently against your face, providing an insulating cushion around each eye socket that protects your eyes from the drying effect of the atmosphere.

This simple technology has proved effective for protecting eyes that either become watery or too dry, because the windproof gasket seals your eye sockets from external atmospheric conditions that are causing irritation.

The term “moisture chamber glasses” refers to the ability of this eyewear to conserve tear moisture by reducing evaporation of tears, thus reducing the rate of your eyes drying out and therefore becoming irritated.

7eye glasses and sunglasses

7eye windproof sunglasses

Designed to look as much like normal sunglasses or spectacles as possible, 7eye frames are designed for everyday use indoors and outdoors. They also step up to the mark for sports such as golf, skiing, and cycling with tough wraparound polycarbonate lenses and light but strong Grilamid TR-90 frames.

The unique AirShield gasket on our 7eye glasses is made from medical grade Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) and has been manufactured to be hypoallergenic in most normal cases. This TPR material, being impermeable, will not absorb moisture, sweat, makeup, or sunscreen, so it prevents a build up of grime and bacteria and is easy to clean.

How do I choose the most suitable model of glasses for my needs?

Our websites and have a detailed description of each of the models in the 7eye AirShield range. Factors to consider when choosing between glasses include:

  • Frame size: while all 7eye glasses are close fitting, the width of the frame varies – check the size chart on our websites
  • Lens size: this measurement is a useful indication of how large the glasses will appear on your face and also how much of your facial area will be protected
  • Peripheral vision: if you are planning to use the glasses for sport or driving, look for one of the models with the most wraparound style of lenses
  • Tinted or Clear lenses: We offer a range of lens tints or clear lenses, suitable for use in different light conditions
  • Prescription lenses: if you need to wear the glasses with prescription lenses, check the advised Sphere and Cylinder limits on each model before buying

Best-selling frames for women

Most of the 7eye frames are of unisex design, but there are two specifically designed for women – the BRIZA and the ZIENA OASIS.  If you need a smaller frame than either of these models, you may wish to consider the CHUBASCO.

Best-selling frames for men

Best selling 7eye frames for men are the CAPE (medium-sized) and the BURAN (small).

We recommend that you check the frame size chart on our website before ordering or call Eyewear Accessories for advice on 01392 411363. It makes a lot of sense to order two different frames so that you can compare the fit (you can always send them back for a full refund, within 7 days of receipt). See our separate article on this recommendation on our dry eye blog.

Choosing lens tint

A good all year round lens is Copper – this helps provide some protection in sunny weather but is not too dark in cloudy conditions.

If your eyes are very sensitive to glare, you may prefer a darker lens, such as Grey, and if possible go for Polarized.

If you are looking for dry eye glasses that you can wear indoors and outside, you may wish to consider either Clear lenses, or Photochromic lenses (light-reactive). These lenses darken automatically depending on the brightness of the light conditions, changing from clear indoors or at night to either grey or brown in daylight.

For more information

Visit these web pages:

If you have any queries, Eyewear Accessories will be pleased to assist. Either email us at or call us on 01392 411 363 (helpline open on Monday to Friday mornings from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm).

Copyright notice and disclaimer:
The text and pictures in this post are copyright © Eyewear Accessories 2009 - 2013 and must not be reproduced in any form on other websites or printed material without our permission. This article represents our views only and it must be for the purchaser to determine suitability of their choice of eyewear for their purpose. Eyewear Accessories does not claim to offer advice on your optical health, for which you should consult your optician or specialist eye doctor, but we have had feedback from a growing number of customers who have found that our glasses and goggles have given them a cost-effective way to protect their eyes from the wind and dust and get back to a more active lifestyle in greater comfort and we are supportive to other people who wish to do likewise.

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