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Dry eye glasses that you can wear every day

If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, hay fever, or if your eyes are very sensitive to the wind, you may benefit from wearing dry eye glasses. These are like normal sunglasses or spectacles with the addition of a padded gasket that helps seal the eye sockets, creating separate moisture chambers that conserve your corneal moisture, reducing symptoms such as itchy eyes.

Wearing dry eye (or moisture chamber) glasses is a form of relief that avoids regular use of eye drops. However, in the past, moisture chamber glasses have looked unattractive and cumbersome, making the wearer feel out of place in an everyday environment.

Eyewear Accessories, the UK based specialists in dry eye glasses, have spent several years researching the best types of dry eye glasses, looking not only at their performance, but also identifying frames that are styled suitably for wearing in every day situations.

We have selected a range of brands which have their own strengths for different applications and that appeal to men and women.

7eye moisture chamber glasses by Panoptx

7eye Airshield has led the field of protective eyewear for several years. Not only do these glasses have a really comfortable well padded eye cup that insulates your eyes from drying atmospheres, but also they are styled with the “designer” look.


There is a range of styles and sizes in the Airshield range and a choice of gloss black or tortoiseshell frames on many frames.

Eyewear Accessories stocks the glasses with a wide choice of tinted and clear lenses, including polarized and light-reactive ones. All 7eye lenses provide 100% UV protection. The frames can also be fitted cost-effectively with prescription lenses if required.

Ziena Eyewear

7eye also make the Ziena Eyewear brand of moisture chamber glasses with translucent silicone shields. The protective eye cup on this brand is less visible than on the Airshield, making Ziena Eyewear a good choice if you intend to wear the glasses with clear lenses.


For more information on dry eye glasses

For more information, visit the UK’s only website dedicated to glasses for dry eyes and hay fever: www.eyewear-accessories.co.uk

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Choosing glasses and goggles for protecting dry or watery eyes

People come to us for a wide range of reasons looking for glasses and goggles that will offer their eyes protection against the wind and dust, to help relieve the symptoms of watery eyes, or dry eyes.

The problem of eyes watering excessively in cold, windy weather is a very common occurrence throughout the winter. See article on watery eyes when cycling in cold weather.

Eyewear Accessories Ltd is the only company in the UK to offer a comprehensive range of moisture chamber glasses for Dry Eye conditions and have a wealth of knowledge about how they can help people suffering from Dry Eye, whether it is age-related, caused by underlying medical conditions such as Sjögren’s syndrome, Bells Palsy, Glaucoma, LASIK surgery, surgery involving stem cell treatment, or by contact lens wear, or excessive use of computers.

We are happy to help support each customer individually to enable them to find the most effective moisture chamber glasses for their needs. As a dry eye sufferer himself, the founder of Eyewear Accessories has personal experience of how beneficial wearing moisture chamber glasses can be for managing his dry eye condition.

Our unique range of glasses and sunglasses are designed to be used in many different ways, from keeping out the wind in exposed locations, such as on the golf course or when cycling, riding, sailing or skiing, to use in the office and home to reduce the drying effect of air-conditioning, computer use, or central heating.

How moisture chamber glasses work

Moisture chamber glasses are designed to protect your eyes from irritation due to exposure to wind, dust, airborne allergens, or drying atmospheres.

Part of the concept lies in the wraparound frame design that shields your ocular area from the full effect of the wind. The key design feature that separates this eyewear from normal wraparound sunglasses is a soft gasket that clips to the back of the frame.

When the glasses are worn, the gasket compresses gently against your face, providing an insulating cushion around each eye socket that protects your eyes from the drying effect of the atmosphere. This simple technology has proved effective for protecting eyes that either become watery or too dry, because the windproof gasket seals your eye sockets from external atmospheric conditions that are causing irritation.

The term “moisture chamber glasses” refers to the ability of this eyewear to conserve tear moisture by reducing evaporation of tears, thus reducing the rate of your eyes drying out and therefore becoming irritated.

7eye glasses and sunglasses

Designed to look as much like normal sunglasses as possible, 7eye Airshield glasses by Panoptx are designed for everyday use outdoors. They also step up to the mark for sports such as golf, skiing, and cycling with tough wraparound lenses and light but strong frames.

The AirShield gasket on 7eye glasses is made from medical grade Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) and has been manufactured to be hypoallergenic in most normal cases. This TPR material, being impermeable, is designed to not absorb moisture, sweat, makeup, or sunscreen, so it prevents a build up of grime and bacteria and is easy to clean.

Ziena Eyewear

If you are looking for dry eye glasses that you can wear confidently in the office or in social situations without feeling self conscious about your appearance, it is worth considering the glasses from Ziena Eyewear.

These glasses have a patented silicone eye shield made of a soft translucent material that shows up much less than the Airshield gasket when worn with Clear lenses. We recommend Ziena Eyewear for anyone using a computer for long periods of time, particularly if working in an air-conditioned office, as this environment is a common cause of dry eyes.

Another key advantage of choosing Ziena glasses is that they are like normal optical frames, which makes them the most suited to being fitted with prescription lenses.


If you require wind protection when cycling, motorcycling, skiing, or sailing, the 7eye AirShield range are more suitable. For relief of severe dry eyes, Ziena Eyewear are normally the most effective choice, though this depends of course on how well the frames in the Ziena range fit your head.

How do I choose the most suitable model of glasses for my needs?

Our website at www.eyewear-accessories.co.uk gives a detailed description of each of the models in the 7eye AirShield and Ziena ranges. Factors to consider when choosing between glasses include:

  • Frame size: while all 7eye and Ziena glasses are close fitting, the width of the frame varies – check the size chart on our websites
  • Lens size: this measurement is a useful indication of how large the glasses will appear on your face and also how much of your facial area will be protected
  • Peripheral vision: if you are planning to use the glasses for sport or driving, look for one of the models with the most wraparound style of lenses
  • Tinted or Clear lenses: We offer a range of lens tints or clear lenses, suitable for use in different light conditions (see advice on choosing tint below)
  • Prescription lenses: if you need to wear the glasses with prescription lenses, check the advised Sphere and Cylinder limits on each model before buying

Choosing lens tint

A good all year round lens is Copper – this helps provide some protection in sunny weather but is not too dark in cloudy conditions. If your eyes are very sensitive to glare, you may prefer a darker lens, such as Grey, and if possible go for Polarized. If you are looking for dry eye glasses that you can wear indoors and outside, you may wish to consider either Clear lenses, or Photochromic lenses (light-reactive). These lenses darken automatically depending on the brightness of the light conditions, changing from clear indoors or at night to either grey or brown in daylight.

For more information

To find out more about how our range of protective glasses, visit www.eyewear-accessories.co.uk

If you have any queries, Eyewear Accessories will be pleased to assist. Either email us at eyewearaccessories@yahoo.co.uk or call us on 01392 411 363 (helpline open on Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm).

Copyright notice and disclaimer:
The text and pictures in this post are copyright © Eyewear Accessories 2009 - 2015 and must not be reproduced in any form on other websites or printed material without our permission. This article represents our views only and it must be for the purchaser to determine suitability of their choice of eyewear for their purpose. Eyewear Accessories does not claim to offer advice on your optical health, for which you should consult your optician or specialist eye doctor, but we have had feedback from a growing number of customers who have found that our glasses and goggles have given them a cost-effective way to protect their eyes from the wind and dust and get back to a more active lifestyle in greater comfort and we are supportive to other people who wish to do likewise.

Dry eyes treatment without eye drops

If you suffer from dry eyes and have asked your chemist, doctor, or optician what they can offer you in the way of treating the symptoms, it is most likely they will simply have pointed you to eye drops.

There is a baffling range of eye drop products on the market, with stiff competition between companies that are marketing them. But all this attention on eye drops, which can be a costly and sometimes problematic form of self help remedy for users, is overlooking a tried and tested way of relieving dry eyes. A natural alternative to dry eye treatment with eye drops. One that does not rely on artificial tears but instead works on the basic laws of science. One that works out so much cheaper in the long term than multiple purchases of costly eye drops.

Yes, I am talking about moisture chamber glasses or “dry eye glasses”, a specialised type of eyewear which works by creating a comfortable barrier around your eye sockets that helps to reduce evaporation of your tear fluid while at the same time keeping out those drying elements that exacerbate dry eyes, such as central heating, air conditioning, and strong winds.


Wearing moisture chamber glasses is a proven way to relieve dry eye symptoms. Not only does it keep your eyes moisturised naturally with less reliance on eye drops (or without using them entirely) but it also protects your eyes and the sensitive area around your eye sockets from dust and other irritants that could lead to serious eye inflammation.

Eyewear Accessories is the only company in the UK to specialise in moisture chamber glasses (see our website www.eyewear-accessories.co.uk). Our approach is based on my own experience of being a dry eye sufferer and finding out what works and what doesn’t. We have been selling dry eye glasses for 5 years and are constantly rewarded by positive feedback from our customers. Here is just a sample of the favourable comments that we have received from people whose daily lives have been significantly improved by our moisture chamber glasses.

“My wife and I purchased two pairs of glasses – a 7eye Briza for my wife because she suffers from dry eyes, and a 7eye Cape for me as I wanted to cut out as much light coming in from the top and sides as possible. We are both registered blind with a small amount of vision as we both have Retinitis Pigmentosa and have found we have both gained a dual benefit from wearing these glasses.

For my wife they not only helped her dry eye condition but she found that with the gaskets cutting out more light she could focus better. From my perspective not only did they cut out the glare from the top and sides that bothered me so much but I realised I must have been suffering with dry eyes, as my eyes are more relaxed and felt more moist in the corners after wearing the Cape glasses.

I’ve even found that now that the colder weather is here and the heating is on my eyes would feel very sleepy and slightly crusty in the mornings so I tried wearing the Cape’s while indoors for an hour or so and it has virtually stopped my eyes feeling like this in the mornings. We found John at Eyewear Accessories to be extremely helpful. He goes “that extra mile” to make sure you get the glasses that will work the best for you. We’re very pleased we found his website.


“Following diagnosis of Dry Eye Syndrome, I spoke to numerous Opticians trying to find some glasses that would help my condition. Luckily on the internet I found Eyewear Accessories. John and his team offered me an excellent, professional and caring service. He supplied me with two pairs of glasses that have greatly improved my eyes.”


“These protective glasses were invaluable on my recent holiday to Fuerteventura. I had recently had a corneal operation and had been worried about the sand and dust from the dry winds getting into my eyes and making them inflamed. Wearing the Panhead proved a lifeline – I cannot recommend them highly enough.”


“My new Briza glasses are fantastic. The East coast wind has been its usual brisk self and normally I would have blurred vision and sore eyes after the first hour. Day three and all is well.”


“Following an operation for Glaucoma, I was experiencing considerable pain in my eye when out walking on windy days or in air conditioned rooms however the 7 Eye glasses that I purchased from Eyewear Accessories have totally resolved the problem.”


“Thank you for the rapid dispatch of my order. For years my daily walk has been a bit of an endurance test because of watering eyes. Some years ago I had an operation to cure the problem but it didn’t work – your glasses did! All the way round today without a single drop and it is a cold and windy day. I am so pleased with the glasses that I am going to order another pair with clear lenses. Thanks again for your good service and excellent product.”


“My daughter is very pleased with the eye glasses. They are a wonderful help for dry eye and make outdoor activities possible.”


“I returned two days ago after trekking in and out of the Grand Canyon. Extreme conditions, dry and windy, the 7eye glasses performed brilliantly. I also used them while fishing and again they worked well. Anyway, all in all a great concept. I am happy to recommend them to my ‘dry eyed friends.”


“I am delighted with the comfort and relief gained through wearing your dry eye syndrome glasses. Brilliant, magical, thank you!”


Wearing the 7eye glasses, my eyes were totally protected and not once did I have any tears or irritation from the wind. My vision was perfect and my enjoyment of golf was renewed by the comfort of the glasses. I certainly am very happy and thank you again for all the help and first class service you gave me.”


“Many thanks for your help and advice in selecting my glasses. The whole transaction was so speedy and Ciliary Blue glazed them and sent back by return. I love the glasses which protect my eyes from wind even without the padded insert.”


“Having suffered with Dry Eye syndrome for 4 years and tried all the usual drops, gels, etc without any prolonged relief I am delighted to endorse the 7 eye Churada. The relief was instantaneous and at last I can experience the outdoors again without the usual watery misery. A fantastic product and an excellent personal service.”


“Brilliant service and product. Following a viral infection, one of my eyes became sore and inflamed by the wind, which was seriously impacting on my  enjoyment of the outdoors. Wearing these glasses with the gasket keeps my eye moist and protected and has brought long walks back on the agenda.”


“I have bought a second pair with prescription adapter for driving, computer work, and reading and would recommend them to anyone suffering with dry eyes.”


“I am very grateful for your advice and congratulate you on your excellent service.”


“I bought these glasses for my wife and she is extremely pleased with their function against wind, pollen, etc, which had made visits to the outdoors most unpleasant until now. Many thanks to you for a fine product along with great service!”


“Thanks for your excellent advice. The dry eye glasses are a perfect fit and have put the pleasure back into cycling. Tested yesterday in a strong headwind – super.”


“Look like normal specs and are very appropriate for my dry eye syndrome. The clear lenses are good for darker weather and night time.”


“At last I can go for long country walks and, even better, play tennis outdoors in winter without constantly wiping tears from my eyes. Your helpful and efficient service was much appreciated.”


“I have been out walking in the sun and wind and the sunglasses are very good. Thank you for your help and speedy and efficient service.”

These new 7eye windproof sports glasses promise to be excellent for golf

7eye, the world leaders in designing windproof sports glasses, have introduced a new model offering best ever peripheral vision from the wide, wraparound lenses. This feature, in combination with the clever wraparound frame design which feels light and secure on your head, should make them among the best choices for this type of “all seasons” golfing eyewear.

The 7eye Panhead is available now with a range of lens tint options exclusively through Eyewear Accessories’ windproof sports glasses store.

Like all the best 7eye sports glasses, this new model has the cleverly designed AirShield gasket which does a good job at keeping out the wind, dust, and pollen. It is also removable so you can use them as normal wraparound sports eyewear when you don’t need the added protection.

The Panhead features wire core temple ends (ear rests) which you can bend to achieve the most comfortable fit. It is suitable for men and women with average size heads and can also accommodate larger heads. Eyewear Accessories has a range of glasses with AirShield protection from small to large fitting.

More information on windproof golf glasses

Visit Eyewear Accessories Ltd to see our full range of windproof golf glasses.

Best-selling hay fever sunglasses and pollen goggles

Suffering from itchy eyes because of hay fever?

The hay fever season has now started in earnest with Very High pollen levels being experienced across parts of the UK. If you are starting to suffer with itchy eyes through hay fever, now is the time to shop around to find the optimum protection for eyes that are sensitive to pollen.

Based on feedback from hay fever sufferers on which eyewear is most effective, comfortable, and versatile, we have categorised the most popular frames as follows:

Most popular hay fever sunglasses for women

Our best selling hay fever glasses and sunglasses for women are the 7eye Cape, the Ziena Nereus and the Ziena Verona.

Most popular hay fever sunglasses for men

The most popular overall hay fever sunglasses for men are the 7eye Cape, the Ziena Nereus (medium) and the 7eye Ventus.

Lightweight flexible goggles

Another product that is popular among hay fever sufferers is the Body Specs flexible lightweight goggle. It has a flexible frame with separate padded eye chambers, and comes with interchangeable tinted and clear lenses. It is very portable and can be folded and carried in a pocket. This makes it a convenient form of protection to carry around with you in case hay fever catches you out!

Find out more about hay fever sunglasses

Visit our website for more information on how our sunglasses and goggles can help reduce itchy eyes due to hay fever.

7eye windproof sunglasses proving a bit hit with golfers

This year’s strong winds have proved testing for all golfers in the UK and they have provided appropriate conditions in which to test the effectiveness of our 7eye windproof sunglasses.

7eye has demonstrated why it leads the field in the design of windproof golf glasses

The verdict this year from our customers is that the 7eye brand has demonstrated why it leads the field in the design of windproof glasses, because the close, wraparound fitting and generously padded protective gaskets have stood up to rigorous conditions.

In particular, our 7eye sunglasses with Polar copper lenses are proving popular with golfers, as they not only provide excellent protection from glare but also help to improve contrast and definition when visibility is hazy.

For women with small to average female head sizes, the Viento and Briza are the most popular choices, while for men the Ventus, Cape, and Panhead are the most popular because they provide the best peripheral visibility.

Eyewear Accessories recommend checking the frame size chart on our website before you decide which frame is best for you.

UK supplier of 7eye / Panoptx airshield glasses

7eye Briza dry eye sunglasses Grey lensesFor dry eye sufferers and those with eyes that are sensitive to the wind, it will come as welcome news that Eyewear Accessories has been appointed to be the UK distributor of the highly rated 7eye Airshield moisture chamber glasses by Panoptx.

This fashionable range of frames is particularly aimed at women seeking an alternative to the sportier Body Specs style of frames with gasket.

To see our full range of dry eye glasses, visit our website.

Cold snap means dry eyes as we turn up the central heating

With this year’s first real cold snap upon us, more and more of us are suffering from dry eyes as the atmosphere in our homes and offices dries out with the effect of central heating.

By the end of a typical working day in an office, your eyes will have been subjected to 8 hours of dry atmosphere from central heating, exacerbated by air conditioning and prolonged computer use (which reduces our blink rate).

With your journey back from work, things don’t get much better for the eyes – you might be sitting in an overheated train carriage, or travelling in your car with the drying effects of blown air heating and the air conditioning on to demist the windscreen.

Get home, and your eyes have several more hours, when already tired and sore, being dried out by your central heating, with the chances that you will be spending several hours staring fixedly at a TV or computer screen (low blink rate again!).

Fortunately, help is at hand for dry eye sufferers in the form of moisture chamber glasses available through Eyewear Accessories.

By insulating your eyes from the drying effects of atmospheric conditions, they reduce evaporation of tears, providing a natural way to keep your eyes lubricated without frequent use of eye drops.

For more information:

Our top choices for ski sunglasses for the winter sports season 2013 to 2014

Our top contenders for the best ski sunglasses this year are from the 7eye (Panoptx) range of sports glasses with removable AirShield gasket.

We have been consistently impressed this year by the design quality and versatility of the AirShield range which underline 7eye’s pre-eminence in the field of wind protective sports eyewear.

Visit our ski sunglasses page to read more about why our eyewear is so well regarded by skiiers.


Autumn is a difficult time for dry eye sufferers

The onset of Autumn brings two environmental factors that increase symptoms of dry eye syndrome – the blustery cold winds when you are outdoors and the turning on of central heating systems in homes and offices.

I am fortunate enough that I only suffer in a minor way from dry eyes and that they are only really uncomfortable at some times of the year, but I have noticed when using the computer in the office or walking the dog after work that this week the symptoms have been worse than usual.

One of our customers wrote an account of how our glasses have helped her rediscover the enjoyment of bird watching despite suffering with Sjögren’s syndrome. In the article she writes:

“The cold winds last autumn and winter made bird watching virtually impossible for someone with dry eye. I found that even with extra eye drops my eyes were uncomfortable and took several days to settle down again. When the windproof glasses arrived, I saw how cleverly they had been designed…by wearing them I can enjoy bird watching again, protected from winds and sunshine at last.”

For more information, visit: www.eyewear-accessories.co.uk

Best selling hay fever sunglasses and goggles now in stock

Suffering from itchy eyes because of hay fever?

Eyewear Accessories of Devon in the UK sell a wide range of specialised Hay Fever Sunglasses and Goggles with eye cups that shield your eyes from incoming pollen so your eyes do not get itchy and irritated.

All their hay fever eyewear is available to buy online at www.eyewear-accessories.co.uk and they offer prompt dispatch and delivery within the UK and tracked delivery anywhere in the EU.

The protective eye cup blocks pollen, wind, glare and dust

The protective eye cup blocks pollen, wind, glare and dust from interfering with your vision and reduces evaporation of tear moisture providing effective relief for dry eye and hay fever sufferers.

It is made from a medical grade, non-hypoallergenic material. Beneath its plush fabric exterior is a tough inner shell, creating a non air-permeable shield that blocks air penetration.

The fast-drying fabric overcoat quickly absorbs and wicks away moisture. To ensure healthy airflow around the eye and prevent fogging, foam-lined vents allow filtered air to circulate inside the airshield.

No other eyewear offers this exclusive, patented protection from harmful airborne irritants and allergens.

7eye glasses combine excellent protection with fashionable styling

7eye glasses are available with a wide range of lenses including tinted, light-reactive, polarized, and clear lenses.

They are also designed so they can be reglazed with prescription lenses if required. We have styles to suit men and women and small sizes that may be suitable for some children, depending on their head size.

Body Specs flexible hay fever goggles

Another popular product for hay fever protection is the Body Specs flexible hay fever goggle. This is a lightweight and comfortable goggle with a flexible nose bridge and separate insulated eye chambers.

You can adjust the goggles to the contours of your head with the toggle cord adjustment. These pollen goggles come as standard with interchangeable tinted and clear lenses.

Body Specs flexible goggles are light and portable so you can carry them easily in a bag or pocket so you can wear them wherever and whenever you need hay fever protection.

Suffering from hay fever? Wearing wraparound sunglasses can help to keep out pollen

If you are suffering from itchy, red or watery eyes (allergic conjunctivitis) due to hay fever, check out our range of wraparound sunglasses with removable eye seals.

They can be just what you need to help keep pollen from entering your eyes.

All this range of sunglasses can also be fitted with prescription lenses if required.

Visit our website to read more about how our special glasses can reduce itchy eyes due to hay fever.